Lou Dobbs accidentally included himself in his Bolton ‘tool for the left’ conspiracy

“It’s a totally upside-down world” for John Bolton, said Sen. Chris Von Hollen (D-Md.), one of the Democrats who recently called President Trump’s former national security adviser a “warmonger” and now wants him to testify under oath. as the star witness in Trump’s impeachment trial.On the other side, some of “Bolton’s longtime Republican friends are just as abruptly tossing him to the curb, painting him as a disgruntled former adviser who just wants to sell books,” writes Peter Baker at The New York Times. “Some of the same senators who allied with him, promoted his career, consulted with him on foreign affairs, and took his political action committee money are going along as he is painted as ‘a tool for the radical Dems and the deep state,'” as Fox Business host and former Bolton fan Lou Dobbs said Monday night.Dobbs showed some confusing charts trying to connect Bolton, a Republican stalwart and hardline national security conservative, to various figures Dobbs also distrusts, like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah). The charts link Romney to Bolton and Trump’s current national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, for example, but don’t connect Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother. But in tarring “Bolton as a tool of the president’s enemies,” Baker notes, Dobbs also cited as proof that Bolton “used the same literary agents as James B. Comey the FBI director fired by Mr. Trump — prompting one of the literary agents to point out that one of their other clients was Mr. Dobbs,” among other conservatives.> Dear @LouDobbs, you forgot to list some other notable @JavelinDC clients: Don Rumsfeld, Tucker, numerous GOP officeholders, @mikepillsbury, conservative organizations, oh, and you! Are you part of the conspiracy? https://t.co/nZdaNvkkMW> > — Matt Latimer (@matt_latimer) January 28, 2020Whether or not Dobbs is also a “tool for the left,” Bolton “still wants a future in Republican politics,” Baker reports, citing Bolton’s friend. “He also remains as contemptuous of Democrats as ever and has not explicitly expressed support for impeachment or conviction.” So maybe the world isn’t so upside-down after all.More stories from theweek.com Mitch McConnell’s rare blunder John Bolton just vindicated Nancy Pelosi 7 witheringly funny cartoons about the GOP’s John Bolton problem