Pair charged with capital murder in 3-year-old’s death

Prosecutors on Thursday charged two people with capital murder for the death of a 3-year-old Alabama girl whose body was found in a dumpster after she disappeared from a birthday party. Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr announced in a press conference that 39-year-old Patrick Devone Stallworth and 29-year-old Derick Irisha Brown, are charged with capital murder of a child under age 14. Capital murder carries a possible death penalty.

Rudy Giuliani rants about money, Middle East and Bidens in accidental call to reporter

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani can be heard discussing Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, former secretary of state John Kerry and a need for cash on two voicemails accidentally left on a reporter’s mobile phone.Mr Giuliani had reportedly “butt dialled” NBC reporter Rob Shapiro when Mr Giuliani was in the middle of a conversation with another man about business in the Middle East, a few weeks after he had accidentally called the same reporter, leaving a voicemail attacking the Bidens while in conversation with another person.

‘Just too darn old:’ Sanders, Biden confront age concerns

Bernie Sanders insists he feels better than ever less than a month after heart surgery, but his return to the campaign trail this week sparked new questions about the unusually old age of the Democratic Party’s leading 2020 presidential candidates. Both Sanders, 78, and Joe Biden, 76, suggest their age isn’t a major issue, but voters, particularly older voters, aren’t so sure. Gordon Lundberg, a 71-year-old retired Lutheran pastor from Ames, said candidates’ health is a key issue for him because he understands how it feels to age.

Harvard’s Student Newspaper Chooses Ethical Journalism over PC Mob’s Demands

Harvard University’s student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, was accused of “cultural insensitivity” and “blatantly endangering undocumented students” last month — all because it had adhered to journalistic ethics.It’s true: According to an article in the Washington Post, all that the newspaper had done to deserve this was ask U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement representatives for comment on a story about an “Abolish ICE” protest. In other words? The paper’s reporters were attacked because they demonstrated basic journalism skills. It is, after all, not only not controversial to ask both sides for their views in a straight-news piece; it would actually be controversial not to.Despite this, the Post reports that “hundreds” of students signed a petition calling on the newspaper to stop talking to ICE completely. Their cause was quite obviously absurd, and it depresses me that hundreds of our nation’s (supposedly) best and brightest could actually be ignorant enough to sign something like that.The good news? Rather than back down from the pressure, the newspaper stood its ground. Earlier this week, Crimson editors Angela N. Fu and Kristine E. Guillaume published a defense of the paper’s work.“The Crimson exists because of a belief that an uninformed campus would be a poorer one — that our readers have the right to be informed about the place where they live, work, and study,” the letter states. “In pursuit of that goal, we seek to follow a commonly accepted set of journalistic standards, similar to those followed by professional news organizations big and small.”It continued:> Foremost among those standards is the belief that every party named in a story has a right to comment or contest criticism leveled against them. That’s why our reporters always make every effort to contact the individuals and institutions we write about — administrators, students, alumni, campus organizations, and yes, government agencies — before any story goes to press. We believe that this is the best way to ensure the integrity, fairness, and accuracy of our reporting.Good for them.Yes, I understand how illogical it was that this was ever even a controversy to begin with. The truth is, though, we’re now living in a culture where people don’t always use logic. Particularly, the social-justice mob has a habit of just throwing around buzzwords instead – such as “insensitive” or “racist” or “sexist” — and fully expects that doing so will be enough to silence their opponents. Worse? It often works. Often, when the mob accuses a person of doing something offensive, the knee-jerk response is an apology. The pressure, after all, can be very intense — no one wants to be smeared, or even canceled, and sometimes an apology can seem like the only way out.I’m glad to see that the Harvard Crimson didn’t do this. These student editors stood up not only for journalism specifically, but also for logic in general. They rejected the idea that the offended person is always right, simply because he or she is offended. Not only is this great news on its own, but I also hope it will inspire others to stand up for what’s right in the future — rather than making the social-justice mob more powerful by caving to it out of fear.

Bangladesh sentences 16 to death for killing teenager in harassment case

The principal of a religious school in Bangladesh was among 16 people sentenced to death on Thursday for the murder of a teenage girl who refused to withdraw a complaint of sexual harassment against him, the public prosecutor said. The perpetrators poured kerosene over Nusrat Jahan, 18, and set her on fire on the roof of her madrasa in April in the southeastern district of Feni. “The judgment proves that no one is above the law,” public prosecutor Hafez Ahmed told reporters after the court verdict.

‘White terror’: Hong Kong’s China critics beaten in targeted attacks

The men jumped Stanley Ho without warning, smashing both his hands with metal rods — one of multiple recent attacks against prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy figures that activists have dubbed a “white terror”. Since late August, eight well-known pro-democracy figures have been beaten by unknown assailants as fear swirls that some “triad” crime networks have flocked to Beijing’s cause after five months of protests. “The cause of the attack may be related to two things — the upcoming district council election and the ongoing movement,” Ho told AFP, referring to the protests.

China calls for ‘severe punishment’ for those involved in UK truck deaths

China called on Britain on Friday to seek “severe punishment” for those involved in the deaths of 39 people, believed to be Chinese nationals, found in a truck container near London, as a major state-backed paper said Britain should bear some responsibility for the case. For years, illegal immigrants have stowed away in trucks while attempting to reach Britain, often from the European mainland. In 2000, 58 Chinese were found dead in a tomato truck at the port of Dover.